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Cadence Exclusive Event on Redefining Custom Design and Virtuoso Studio Launch

On April 18, 2023, TSS was invited to attend Cadence's Exclusive Event on Redefining Custom Design at the Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. Both our CEO, Richard Fung and COO, Ron Chan were able to attend the event. They entered the event venue through the player's tunnel.

Cadence President and CEO, Anirudh Devgan and Senior VP, Tom Beckley presented their latest technologies involving AI engines during this Virtuoso Studio launch event. It was also interesting to hear about their partnership with the Levi's Stadium and the 49ers to establish an energy efficiency strategy by "simulating the stadium"!

Following the launch was a fruitful networking event among some of the top executives in the industry. Thanks Cadence for the invitation and we look forward to try out the new Virtuoso Studio!

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