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OPENEDGES announces a strategic partnership with The Six Semiconductor Inc to provide a complete GDDR6 memory interface solution


March 11, 2020 -- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc., the leading provider of memory subsystem IP announced today the strategic partnership with The Six Semiconductor Inc (TSS) for a complete GDDR6 memory interface solution.

TSS is a startup company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada founded by a group of seasoned veterans in analog mixed-signal integrated circuit design. Their focus and expertise is in delivering high-speed memory PHYs in multiple standards, technologies, and foundries. Along with OPENEDGES’ capabilities in NoC and DDR controller IP designs, a complete GDDR6 memory interface solution can be provided to their customers.

OPENEDGES’ GDDR6 memory controller features very high DRAM utilization with their proprietary out of order scheduling algorithm. With its highly optimized pipeline architecture, data rates of 18Gbps or more can be achieved. Power consumption is also extremely low with the built-in dynamic clock frequency change features. TSS’ GDDR6 PHY targets to support speeds of more than 16Gbps and a test chip in TSMC 12nm will be available in a near future.

“Existing DDR offerings can’t match fast changing market requirements. TSS was founded to provide DDR PHY IP solutions, backed by our extensive hands-on experience in the semiconductor industry. We are confident that our GDDR6 PHY will outperform our competitors’ in terms of performance, area, power consumption, and system level cost of deployment. Together with OPENEDGES’ GDDR6 controller & NoC, our PHY will be optimized for maximum performance”, said Richard Fung, CEO of TSS.

“OPENEDGES memory subsystem IP has already been deployed for AI/ML, Automotive, and HPC. We have a focus on becoming a total memory subsystem IP vendor. The only one missing piece of the puzzle is the PHY. TSS has world’s best GDDR6 PHY designed by industry veterans, as such this partnership will provide total memory subsystem IP solution for our customers' SoCs” said CEO of OPENEDGES, Sean Lee.

GDDR6 & HBM2/2E are being widely used for memory bandwidth sensitive applications. The GDDR6 standard has many advantages over HBM2/2E, most notably, less design complexity and overall system level costs. Compared to previous DDR4 standards, GDDR6 is about five times faster.

Beyond providing a complete solution for GDDR6, TSS and OPENEDGES will also expand their partnership for other leading-edge DDR memory solutions.


OPENEDGES is a semiconductor IP provider for smart computing, empowering the Internet of Smart Things. OPENEDGES is committed to democratizing artificial intelligence technology at edge devices. OPENEDGES delivers IPs in two key technology areas of smart computing; highly efficient Artificial Intelligence Acceleration and high-performance Memory Subsystem(s). Aided by the synergy of these two technologies, OPENEDGES offers a sorely needed boost in performance, efficiency and reliability for the Internet of Smart Things. ORBITTM DDR memory controller IP currently supports DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3, LPDDR4(X), LPDDR5 and GDDR6. Support for DDR5 and HBM2(E) will be available soon. For more information about OPENEDGES, please visit

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