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Our Differentiation


What sets TSS apart



At TSS, we treat our customers' products like our own.  We welcome consultation on product planning from start to finish.  IP is our business, but products are our passion. 


Expert Solutions

As an engineering-focused organization, our technical leaders are always working behind the scene to help accelerate our IP's integration, bringup, debug, and production. 


Mature Tech Nodes

Our PHY offering for the latest generations of DDR specification are offered in mature process nodes, not just the latest tech nodes.  



At TSS, we understand that no two products are the same.  This is why we understand some level of customization might be needed, and we are ready to deliver an IP that meet your products' needs. 


Product Understanding

Our IPs are designed with their end products and applications in mind.  Talk to our experts on which memory sub-system is right for your product. 


Technical Know-How

Our technical experience and know-how are there for you to leverage.  From product planning, package selection, to platform design and SI/PI analysis, our combined experiences are here to assist you. 

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