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OPENEDGES LPDDR54 PHY IP Licensed by Novachips


Seoul, South Korea -- February 10, 2022 --- OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES), the world’s leading memory system and AI platform IP provider, is pleased to announce that Novachips, an innovator in flash storage processors and storage modules, has licensed the silicon-proven LPDDR5/4x/4 ORBIT™ PHY IP (LPDDR54 OPHY™) developed by The Six Semiconductor (TSS) in 12nm process technology. TSS is a subsidiary of OPENEDGES and a leading supplier of cutting-edge high-speed memory PHYs in multiple standards, technologies, and foundries.

OPENEDGES’ LPDDR54 OPHY is highly configurable at the channel and floorplan level while demonstrating superior PPA (performance, power, and area) over alternative PHY solutions. This configurable architecture ensures a compact area while still realizing the maximum LPDDR5 data rates of 6.4Gbps. The LPDDR54 OPHY further excels in configurability and performance with its proprietary microcontroller, which accelerates training time across multiple configurations.

“After thorough consideration, Novachips is happy to license the LPDDR54 OPHY from OPENEDGES and TSS,” remarked Daniel Kim, CEO of Novachips. “The OPHY provides significant PPA advantages over comparable IP. In our SSD controller application, the OPHY takes up around 50% less area than alternative solutions. We've received thorough and reliable customer support from OPENEDGES and TSS, and we look forward to our continued collaboration."

“Novachips is an SSD storage technology innovator, with products that are deployed by customers with the most stringent demands in mission-critical applications,” says Richard Fung, TSS’s chief executive officer (CEO) and founder. “We are delighted that they have selected our LPDDR54 OPHY for their project, complementing their breakthrough architecture with ours.”

About Novachips

Novachips is a leading provider of a broad range of Flash storage processors and storage modules with breakthrough capacity and scalability. Novachips reimagined Flash storage from the inside out and offer the industry’s most advanced capabilities with high storage capacity for enterprise, industrial, military, and other mission-critical applications. Novachips products are built upon the company’s unique hardware and firmware architecture, which outpaces the scalability, performance, and reliability of SSDs that use NAND Flash.

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OPENEDGES is the world's only total memory subsystem and AI platform IP solution company that delivers NPU, memory controller, DDR PHY, and on-chip interconnect IPs.

OPENEDGES is recognized for its world-class IPs with the highest level of efficiencies in power consumption, area, and DRAM optimization. The IPs and the proprietary technology shorten the customer's design and verification process by delivering the only market and silicon-proven integrated IP solutions.

The two key technologies of OPENEDGES are memory systems and AI Computing, which together, provide a sorely needed boost in performance, efficiency, and reliability for IoT.

  • ORBIT:

    • DDR memory controller IP supports DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4/4x/5/5x, GDDR6

    • DDR PHY supports LPDDR4/4x/5/5x, GDDR6

    • NoC Bus Interconnect IP Non-coherent NoC available


    • 4-/8-bit mixed-precision neural network processing unit (NPU) IP

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About TSS

TSS is a Canadian technology company focused on developing high-speed memory PHY IP solutions, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of OPENEDGES. The TSS team has a mission to develop high-speed memory PHY IP with the lowest power and area, providing solutions that range from AI/ML, high-performance computing (HPC), to mobile and automotive applications in multiple standards, technologies, and foundries.

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Read the press release on Design & Reuse here.


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