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IP-SoC Silicon Valley 23

TSS attended the D&R IP-Soc Silicon Valley 2023 Day in the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara on April 24, 2023. It was split into two sessions, one for ASIC Designer and one for SOC. Being in the Toronto area, and many of us went to school in Canada, we are very familiar with CMC Microsystems.

The Keynote talk was given by Gordon Harling, the CEO of CMC on Accelerating Innovation with Open Hardware. The sessions were informative and directly relevant to our core business. Many topics were discussed: Analog and Memory IP, Interconnect Solutions, Network on Chip, Monitoring and Verification, Artificial Interlligence SoC Interface IP, Audio and Video IP, Automotive IP and space applications.

It was a good interaction with other IP vendors and to learn about the trends and offerings of the current and next generation IPs.

We were especially happy to attend the Artificial Intelligence SoC session in which Kyle Weng, our colleague from Openedges Technology was the chairperson.

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