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Showcasing The Six Semiconductor for the Markham Innovation Bus Tour

On Jun 26, The Six Semiconductor Inc. (TSS) was honoured to be one of the company showcase for the City of Markham's Innovation Bus Tour, hosting an office and lab tour for delegates from companies and trade commissions from all over the world.

During this one hour visit, the tour group had an opportunity to get an overview of TSS's business, the history of TSS, as well the philosophy behind the company that makes it a great place to work at.

At the latter half of the tour, TSS showcased its hardware lab, where DDR PHY designs and memory subsystems are brought to life in real silicon. It was an opportunity for our visitors to see how semiconductor designs are validated and the equipment involved.

Thank you everyone for coming out to our office, and we hope to see you again in the near future!

Special thanks to the City of Markham's Economics Development team and York Link | York Region Economic Development for organizing the logistics of the tour.

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