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The Six Semiconductor Inc. Joins Canada's Semiconductor Council

The Six Semiconductor Inc. (TSS) is pleased to announce that it has joined Canada 's Semiconductor Council (CSC) as a contributing platinum member, participating in the association's mandate to lead a National Semiconductor Strategy and Action Plan that positions Canada as a global leader in the development, manufacturing, and supply of semiconductor products in vital sectors.

There are immense potential and economic opportunities that lie within the semiconductor industry. By implementing this strategic plan, we can harness the power of innovation, research, and collaboration to drive Canada's semiconductor sector to new heights. The goal is to not only become a global developer and manufacturer but also a reliable supplier of semiconductor products that meet the growing demands of key sectors, such as electrified vehicles, medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial robotics.

By investing in the development of cutting-edge technologies, promoting research and development efforts, and fostering partnerships between industry, government, and academia, we can create a robust ecosystem that propels Canada to the forefront of the global semiconductor market.

This strategic plan is committed to promoting job creation, economic growth, and technological self-sufficiency within our nation. By nurturing a vibrant semiconductor industry, we can cultivate high-skilled jobs for Canadians, attract investments, and enhance our global competitiveness.

"As a Canadian semiconductor technology company, we understand the importance of establishing robust domestic semiconductor capabilities. By joining CSC, our aim is to champion the urgent need for on-shoring semiconductor technologies in Canada, solidifying the country's position as a global leader in semiconductor development and ecosystem.", said Richard Fung, CEO of The Six Semiconductor Inc.

"We welcome The Six Semiconductor Inc (TSS) as yet another rapidly scaling-up technology company joining Canada's Semiconductor Council (CSC) to help accelerate the growth and development of our semiconductor sector.", said Paul Slaby, Managing Director of Canada's Semiconductor Council.

CSC and TSS invites industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders to join hands with us as we embark on this transformative journey. Together, we will pave the way for a prosperous future, ensuring that Canada remains at the forefront of semiconductor innovation and economic prosperity.

For more information or to take part in this initiative, please visit Canada's Semiconductor Council.

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