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TSS at HardTech Summit 2023

The HardTech Summit, hosted by VentureLab at the Marriott in downtown Markham, kicked off today with an impressive turnout. We had the opportunity to reconnect with vendors, partners, and friends in the Canadian semiconductor industry. The Six Semi of Openedges set up a booth to showcase our memory subsystem technologies, drawing a significant crowd of attendees eager to learn more.

Avinash Persaud and Hugh Chow of VentureLab delivered captivating opening remarks, setting an inspirational tone for the event. The keynote address that followed offered a comprehensive yet detailed perspective on the paradigm shift within the hardware industry. Throughout the day, a series of panel discussions covered diverse topics, including automotive, MedTech, and AI, among others.

Amidst the bustling crowd, we had delightful encounters with numerous former colleagues from our days at ATI, which was both a pleasant and unexpected surprise. We indulged in nostalgia, reminiscing about the past, and had the chance to catch up on each other's current endeavors. While we remain connected on LinkedIn, the joy of engaging in live, direct, and interactive conversations is unparalleled.

To conclude the day on a high note, our amiable Ricky Lau emerged as the lucky winner of an Intel CPU in the raffle draw! Congratulations Ricky!

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