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TSS at TSMC 2023 Technology Symposium Santa Clara

A few of us from TSS attended the TSMC 2023 Technology Symposium in Santa Clara, where we met up with friends, partners, vendors, and customers. This year's attendance was quite an increase from last year, so there's no short of opportunities in making new contacts.

TSMC's Advanced Technology Roadmap showcased a broader 3nm offering, with the introduction of N3P, N3X, and N3AE. The "AE" stands for "Auto Early", and is a PDK that allows customers to start their design efforts while the process is working towards the N3A automotive-qualified process, thereby reducing the time-to-market for automotive designs. TSMC N2 nanosheet technology was also showcased at the symposium, with great progress reported.

Another big focus was the TSMC 3DFabric Technology Portfolio, detailing advances in Advanced Packaging, 3D Chip Stacking, and the introduction of 3Dblox 1.5, the latest version of its open standard design language to lower the barriers to 3D IC design.

Every year, TSMC Technology Symposium is our most anticipated event, and we look forward to seeing everyone there again next year at TSMC 2024 Technology Symposium!

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