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TSS Proudly Sponsors the Canada's Semiconductor Summit 2024: Paving the Path for Semiconductor Advancement

On February 6th, Ottawa will host the inaugural Canada's Semiconductor Summit, bringing together industry leaders and government decision-makers from both Canada and the United States. This groundbreaking event is geared towards accelerating the growth of Canada's semiconductor ecosystem and solidifying its role in the integrated semiconductor supply chain of North America. The summit aims to establish priorities and identify opportunities that will contribute to the development, competitiveness, and overall expansion of Canada's semiconductor sector.


As a proud member of the Canada Semiconductor Council, The Six Semiconductor Inc. stands as a platinum sponsor for this significant event. The company's commitment to contributing to the growth of the Canadian semiconductor ecosystem is exemplified through its support of the summit. The involvement of industry players and leaders emphasizes the collaborative effort required to foster innovation and competitiveness in the semiconductor sector.


Exploring Key Topics at the Summit


The Canada's Semiconductor Summit will address a range of pivotal topics designed to guide the future of the semiconductor industry in Canada. The outlined themes include:


  1. Automotive, EVs, and Batteries: Amplifying Our Strengths

  • Examining the size of the automotive semiconductor market in Canada.

  • Evaluating the impact on the automotive manufacturing ecosystem.

  • Identifying short and long-term opportunities in the EV sub-systems.

  1. Advanced Technologies: Leveraging Canadian Capabilities

  • Strategically leveraging existing strengths and emerging advanced technologies.

  • Exploring future-looking technologies, including photonics/RF, AI, sensors, compound semiconductors, and quantum computing.

  1. Building a Competitive Semiconductor Ecosystem: Harnessing an Economic Juggernaut

  • Drawing insights from successful semiconductor ecosystems globally.

  • Establishing relationships with key U.S. hubs.

  • Collaborative efforts between the private sector, academia, and government.

  1. The Talent Question: Building the Pipeline

  • Addressing the need for a larger semiconductor workforce.

  • Exploring training programs, apprenticeships, immigration, financial incentives, and retention strategies.

  1. Strategic Initiatives and Next Steps for 2024: Making It Happen

  • Outlining proposed initiatives, including the CSC 2024 Federal Budget Proposal.

  • Discussing announced proposals like CSC, FABrIC, SECTR, etc.

  • Exploring financing options for growth and the role of private-public partnerships.



Shaping the Future of Canada's Semiconductor Industry


The Canada's Semiconductor Summit 2024, with the support of key industry leaders, promises to be a catalyst for growth, innovation, and collaboration within Canada's semiconductor landscape. As the industry unites to tackle challenges and seize opportunities, the summit sets the stage for a dynamic future in semiconductor technology, positioning Canada as a key player in the North American semiconductor supply chain.

For more information, please visit the Canada's Semiconductor Summit page.

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