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TSS Asia Tour 2024 Q2

Updated: May 30

As the first stop of our multi-city visit in Asia, we visited our parent company, OPENEDGES Technology in Seoul, Korea. We met up with various teams to share experiences, discussed strategies, and bond as one company.

Now even though online meetings are efficient, nothing beats face-to-face live interactive discussions.  It was great meeting up with everyone, and we look forward to our next visit again in the near future. 

Onto the next stops, where we will meet with our customers, partners, and friends in the industry. 

Shanghai & Beijing Visits

May 22 - May 24, 2024

Our next stops are the two cities with big semiconductor footprints in China; Shanghai and Beijing! On this leg of the trip, we joined Giligan Choe, OPENEDGES' EVP of Sales and Minlin Fan, our new sales for the greater China region.

A little fun and impressive fact. Gilligan is a very connected semiconductor IP sales professional with a talent for languages, which truly impresses me. He is fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, as well as Mandarin. And with this talent, he can conduct business in native languages in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, as well as all English speaking countries. He always takes very good care of us when we're travelling together, which is a blessing as navigating between meetings in new cities is never easy.

in Shanghai, our stay was end-to-end less than 24 hours and was nothing short of efficient, going from customer to customer. It was great for us to collaborate with some of these companies, hearing about what they are looking for in their next products from memory subsystem perspective.

For the next two days, we found ourselves in Beijing, the capital of China where there are many many semiconductor companies in the ecosystem. Our differentiating product proposal to our customers gained very good traction, and it's always good to hear first hand challenges that they are facing so we can propose solutions to solve their system level strategies.

The Zhongguancun technology hub in Beijing was an eye opener, spanning across a large region with many technology companies everywhere, big, medium, or small. Although we have visited many customers, there are countless many that we didn't have a chance to visit in our merely two days of stay.

Our trip is not over yet; meanwhile, we'll recharge over the weekend for our final stop next week.

Tokyo Visit

May 27 - May 29, 2024

For the final stop of our visit we found ourselves in Tokyo, Japan.

It was a pleasure for us to meet up with our OPENEDGES' Japan team, led by Takashi Yamada-san, an industry veteran in the system bus and memory technology field with over 35 years of experience. Yamada-san is a very well respected system architect in the memory subsystem community, and has been an active member of the JEDEC community contributing to the definition of various generations of memory standards.

Yamada-san is always an inspiration to talk to, from system microarchitecture to end-user deployment of memory technologies in their respective applications; one could always learn something new just from having a technical conversation with him. And with the recent appointment as the Regional VP of OPENEDGES, Yamada-san will be instrumental in the development and deployment of our Total Memory Subsystem solutions!

After our customer and partner meetings with Yamada-san and Suzuki-san, it's time to wrap up the final leg of our trip together.

Until next time..... Thanks everyone for hosting us on this trip!

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